Ketchup is one of the most consumed condiments in the world

It is a source of endless entertainment and a source of complete food happiness.

That said, ketchup has been used by New York restaurants to promote their cutting edge tomato dishes over the years. They have used this strategy successfully without any major investment in marketing budget. In fact, they spend very little on advertising when it comes to promoting new restaurant concepts which include tomato dishes.

As for ketchup ads, they are usually found in TV shows that highlight how delicious it can be and that not all sauces are created equal (and also how small businesses can enjoy free business opportunities if they start serving ketchup).

As for brands, brands often use this strategy to advertise themselves as superior and more professional than their competitors.

We want to eat a tomato in New York, don’t we?

I am shocked from the fact that the people are ready to buy ketchup only in a supermarket in New York. It is not hard to imagine why. This is because of ketchup vendors and their famous ad campaign slogan – „Eat it!” but also because of the convenience. It is just like if you buy your butter, tomatoes and other products for your home at one place- but you have to find it first, walk through the grocery store or go online.

In order for us to do this we need help from food writers and chefs who know more about ketchup than me!

Obviously, this makes no sense to some people. They cannot make sense of it. This is why the introduction is written in such a way that it simply explains what ketchup is.

This section is supposed to give some context and illuminate the meaning of a word or phrase, without having to go deep into the topic itself.

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