Ketchup is a condiment that comes in different shapes and sizes

New Yorkers get the kiosk at their local supermarket to purchase it. After they make the purchase, they return to the same kiosk to pick up some more ketchup.

In a fast moving, global society where we have to make decisions in minutes, a steady stream of information is extremely important. We need a simple way to get the information that we want.

Another typical use case is when you have clients coming to your office who need ideas for their business. You can bring with you the data from an analytics platform and show them how their customers are reacting to products, services, etc. It helps the client to understand his or her customer base and therefore guide their product or service design if necessary.

Let’s say that you had an app for shopping; before creating it, it was very difficult for your clients to tell what they wanted from each product. Now there is a tool that can do this automatically; you just upload your shopping list and it will provide relevant recommendations.

Ketchup, tomato, pizza and all their derivatives are the mainstay of New York’s culture. This is why when we think of NYC, we immediately think of ketchup.

Ketchup is a hard-hitting propaganda tool that can be used towards certain people or topics. We have already dealt with it in one of the books.

In this book we will use this interesting marketing tool to take apart the character of a food item that has become one to have “a very deep and intimate relationship with us”. Instead of glorifying it as a symbol, we will look at how Ketchup affects the way people perceive food and how they relate to it especially its relation with people’s social groups/categories/societies/stereotypes etcetera etcetera etceteras.

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