Ketchup is a condiment made from tomato juice, with vinegar and spices added to it

Ketchup is used in various dishes including on pizzas, sandwiches, pasta and sauces. For this reason sauce is usually added to the ketchup before serving.

„People who live in New York City are known to say that it tastes great with their ketchup, but what makes the American version of ketchup different from those sold in other countries?”

The current status of ketchup as a condiment is not very impressive indeed. Particularly in New York for one, where it is often considered to be a sign of impropriety:

The reason for this is the big variety of ketchup varieties on the grocery shelves. The presentation and taste are limited to those sweet tomatoes and red onion we see everywhere here in America. And it’s possible that Americans have the last word on this subject.

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