In the past, ketchup was something you slapped on your sandwich with a knife and fork

Today, it’s America’s favorite condiment. I’m hungry! Let me stop to pick up some ketchup at the supermarket.

If you know a lot about food, you probably know that ketchup is not the only condiment to be found in New York. There are also those sweet potato sandwiches and bacon s’mores.

We should not think of these Ketchup in New York as no one ever eats these kinds of food, or at least we do not see them for lunch at a restaurant or buy them outside of a store. These are just some examples of food that people like to have on their plates.

Black cat caterers, not only provide the food but also serve the customers. They don’t need to go to supermarket at all because they are located in New York City. They can take care of their clients, customers and employees by providing them with all kinds of food.

The most common type of condiment is ketchup. The most common brand is Heinz. The price per 100ml varies from $0.58 to $0.59 (at the New York store), with a price as high as $0.70 in some regions of Europe and South America, and as low as 0,23€ in Paris, with an overall weight of 3g (2g for 2% sugar).

In the US there are about 27 million ketchup bottles sold every year and some countries like Spain or Italy even have higher sales figures (like the USA’s 7 million per year). So this condiment consists of very little sugar, fats or calories.

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